Does New Tech Make IT Consultants Obsolete?

In the tech world, change is expected. But the rapid and unprecedented digital transformation that we’re currently experiencing is having huge ramifications for IT consultants. These professionals, responsible for discovering, facilitating, and managing cutting-edge tech and top talent for businesses, forged their living through an arcane and essential trade. But their core business model is being irrevocably disrupted by a few powerful forces. Namely: the onslaught of digital transformation; the steady consumerisation of IT technology; The globalisation of the workforce; and the rising ubiquity of IT proficiency. Continue reading

Top Two Characteristics Serverless Architecture

Don’t know what “Serverless Architecture” is? Please check out my previous post What is Serverless to get the groundwork. If you’re all caught up and thirsty for a deeper dive into the definition of serverless architecture, you’re in the right place. Serverless architecture has two essential and consistent characteristics: it’s an as-a-service model and it’s always API-first. Serverless is by nature an as-a-service consumption model The introduction of cloud infrastructures enabled companies to become more efficient and cost-effective in their consumption of IT services. Continue reading

What Serverless Architecture and Why it is So Important

Serverless architecture is the future. OK, but what is it?

I get that question from a lot of colleagues. Even tech-savvy ones.

I think it’s time to clear up what this technology is and why it’s so important – especially to web developers.

The core principle of serverless architecture is that users doesn’t need to manage any servers at all. It’s a straightforward, cloud-based, elastic, as-a-service setup that covers every layer of the user’s infrastructure.

Serverless goes beyond standard cloud services by eliminating not only physical servers but virtual servers and containers as well. The serverless model is based entirely on consumption; hosting the applications and business logic and charging a flat fee based on requests.

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